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April 20, 2023

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Dear Caring Friends,

There are so many days that I wish I could sit with you and tell you all about the mothers we serve.

They are so special.

They struggle every day to make it through. They have aspirations, just like you and me. They've made some very bad decisions in their lives, but try to keep their dignity.

They are poor. They guard against the terrible enemy of hopelessness and want their child to have a batter life than they have.

They need help and in a small way, through the supply of free diapers, Bottoms Up tries to help.

In a couple of weeks, we'll start the World's Largest Diaper Drive in the hopes of collecting 750,000 donated diapers during May so we can continue to support these moms in a real, tangible way.

Along with the diapers, we'll try to collect $200,000 to allow us to buy the rest of the diapers we'll need to meet the growing demand. Can you help with that?

Whether you give $25 or $25,000, please know that I your contribution is a true blessing to us and I am incredibly grateful for your support.

Just click HERE to contribute and make a great difference for those who have less that we

Thank you, in advance, for your generosity

May God bless you richly.


Jo Welsh, President
Bottoms Up Diaper Bank

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