One Week

April 24, 2023


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Dear Caring Friends,

7 days...
168 hours...
10,080 minutes...

Time goes by so quickly for us as we approach the official launch of the World's Largest Diaper Drive (WLDD).

Not so for the people we serve.

For the poor, every day, every hour, every minute lumbers along. The inactivity, the worry about the next meal, the stress of single motherhood, all takes a toll and creates an "exhaustion of poverty".

You can help:
Volunteer for the WLDD:
Support the WLDD financially:

You can also drop off diapers at any Heartland Bank in Central Ohio.

Please consider helping financially. Give what you can; the need is so very great.

Click HERE (or on the link above) to help give just a little rest to the weary poor.

Right now, in this hour, there are single moms who need you.

May God bless every minute of your life...

Jo Welsh, President
Bottoms Up Diaper Bank

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