She needed me, but I couldn't help

March 20, 2023

Sometimes, a heartbreaking moment arises and we just can't do anything.

On my way to our office last week, I saw a pregnant woman who was obviously living below the poverty line, riding a wobbly bike in freezing weather. All she had to keep her warm was a blanket that she struggled to keep over her body as she navigated the street on her bike.

She flew by, going the wrong way on a one way street, and was gone before I could do anything for her.

At the moment, I felt so helpless. I knew she needed me, but I couldn't get to her.

Maybe you've had a similar experience.

I'll never forget her.

As I drove on a few blocks, I felt my heartbreak turn into motivation.

We have to stay motivated in order to keep up with the need for diapers. The woman on the bike will need diapers, just like the tens of thousands of women in central Ohio who need diapers, too.

And today, the motivation comes from the event we have coming up in May:

The World's Largest Diaper Drive

In the first week of May, Bottoms Up will attempt to collect 750,000 donated diapers. It's really going to be a challenge.

But our challenge is so small, when compared to that woman on the bicycle and she is what motivates us.

So, please, do a diaper drive at your business or your church (click HERE to sign up).

If you can't do a diaper drive, donate money so we can buy diapers (click HERE to help out financially).

Or...Do Both!

Don't do it for me; do it for the girl on the bike and all the other women who just need a little help. Please.

Whatever you do, know that we appreciate you!

May God continue to richly bless you.


Jo Welsh, President
Bottoms Up Diaper Bank


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