Everybody Wants Your Money

December 29, 2022

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Just a short note to say that, while all kinds of nonprofits may be sending you notes that encourage you to give them money at this time of year, I have a slightly different perspective.

This may sound weird, but I don't want your money.

It's true, the more funds we're able to raise, the more mothers and babies we can help. And, we really need to help as many mothers and babies as we can. They are desperate and it costs money for us to buy diapers to help keep their babies clean, dry, and healthy.

But, more than your money, I want your heart.

Because, where your heart lies, there too lies your resources and your charity.

Your heart will tell you.

If so, just click on the button below.

You'll be loving someone who can't love you back.



Bless you.

Jo Welsh, President
Bottoms Up Diaper Bank

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