Something Sweet & Unusual About Diapers

March 11, 2022

stacked diapers


I can't really explain it, but there's always been something special about this.

From the very moment that my husband told me about his idea to supply diapers to needy moms and families, I knew we had to do it.

I just didn't know how.

In the three and a half years that Bottoms Up has been in existence, we've worked together to create an organization that now helps more than 40,000 moms and families get by with what they need.

And, even with all the distractions in the nation and world, it all happened because people still care. People still see the need and want to help.

It's easy to understand that need. Grade schoolers, High schoolers, lawyers, doctors, truck drivers, waitresses...they all just get it. They understand.

Now, Bottoms Up has created an event that has no comparison in the United States: The World's Largest Diaper Drive.

In only its second year, the World's Largest Diaper Drive has grow to be a statewide effort, potentially helping 80,000 Ohioans.

Our goal at Bottoms Up is to collect 500,000 donated diapers in one week!

We could use your help, though.

There are a number of ways you can help:

  1. Host a diaper drive at your church or business (or encourage a business that you frequent or know to do so. Just sign up to help in this fun and tangible way.
  2. Be a sponsor of the World's Largest Diaper Drive. The sponsors of this event make it all possible. Let businesses you know and frequent have the opportunity to help in this way, too.
  3. Support the World's Largest Diaper Drive with a donation.
  4. Volunteer your time.
  5. Forward this e-mail to everybody you know, to help us spread the word about this amazing event and the help needed to pull it all off.

Please help make the World's Largest Diaper Drive a success for the mothers and children who need this most basic need.

You can make all the difference in the world to a needy mom.

Thank you for your great generosity!

Bless you!

Jo Welsh
Bottoms Up Diaper Drive

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