It's because they poop!

February 21, 2022

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Recently, a grade school in Columbus held a diaper drive for Bottoms Up and a little girl (obviously very young) wrote us a note. It said (as she wrote it):

" I hop you hav a grat time with your babee and tace good car uv thum and woch awt bcuz thay poop."

This little girl may be only able to spell phonetically, but she knows how to get her point across about babies.

They do poop.

And when they do, they need changed. Sadly, there are too many mothers who can't afford enough diapers to keep their babies clean, dry, and healthy. In fact, as I've shared with you in the past, there are many moms who scrape out a diaper and re-use it on their child because they can't afford otherwise.

It's why we exist at Bottoms Up and it's why we are orchestrating the World's Largest Diaper Drive again this year.

This year, diaper banks from across Ohio have all joined Bottoms Up to hold a massive drive to help more than 80,000 mothers in the state by collecting 2,000,000 donated diapers in one week in May!

Our goal at Bottoms Up is to collect 500,000 donated diapers!

Can you please, please help?

There are a number of ways you can help:

  1. Host a diaper drive at your church or business (or encourage a business that you frequent or know to do so. Just sign up here to help in this fun and tangible way.

  2. Be a sponsor of the World's Largest Diaper Drive. The sponsors of this event make it all possible. Let businesses you know and frequent have the opportunity to help in this way, too. Just click here to be a sponsor.

  3. Support the World's Largest Diaper Drive with a donation. That can be done right here.

  4. Volunteer your time. Click here for that.

  5.  Forward this e-mail to everybody you know, to help us spread the word about this amazing event and the help needed to pull it all off. 

As the young author of the sweet note to us so eloquently put it, we want to help mothers take good care of their babies.

Yes, bcuz thay poop...

Bless you!

Jo Welsh
Bottoms Up Diaper Drive

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