Bottoms Up was founded In August 2018.

August 19, 2022

Tim & Jo anniversary


Bottoms Up was founded In August 2018.
On their 40th Anniversary, Tim & Jo said,
"Let's try to collect 40 boxes of diapers".

They ended up collecting double that!

Those 80 boxes of #diapers started something very special.
We were incorporated in September, and it grew from there...

From distributing just a few diapers per month in the early years -->
To providing more than 80,000 diapers and helping 2700 families per month now!!!

We invite you to celebrate our 4 Year Anniversary by becoming a Monthly Giver:

#thankyou to those who are already giving.
We couldn't do it without your support!

#4thanniversary #monthlygiver








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