I am flabbergasted!!

April 29, 2022


diaper aisle at the grocery


I don't always walk down the diaper aisle at the grocery.

Seems odd, as I consider myself as one who knows a lot about diapers, but the other day, I had a shocking experience.

Tim and I both stood there in shock at the current cost of diapers.  I know, I know...I've been writing to you about the cost of diapers for years, but I guess I hadn't really seen the effect inflation has had on the poor until a couple of days ago.

The cost that really caught our eyes was that of a small package of size 6 diapers...52 cents each!!!  (With our volume purchasing agreements, we can buy them for 15 cents each.)

Some people would walk away from that in a depressed mood.  For me, it was another in a line series of wake-up calls to get busy and do all I can to help those who need it.  I walked away motivated (and a little angry).

We have only 8 days left for the World's Largest Diaper Drive (WLDD) and we HAVE to make it work.  Those among us who can't afford even a few diapers at 52 cents apiece depend on us...

...and we depend on you.

Click here to help.

Thank you for being a hero for the poor.

P.S. Tim keeps chipping away at the $200,000 goal he's set for WLDD and we only need (as I write this note) $63,515 to meet that goal.  He also keeps telling me that there is someone out there that can/will just write one check for that amount.  Please pass this e-mail along to as many people as you can.  You never know who you'll touch. 


Jo Welsh
Bottoms Up Diaper Drive


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