Plan A

December 27, 2021

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If all goes well, 2022 should be a year that Bottoms Up can make a real dent in diaper need in Ohio. That's the plan.

It feels like we are right on the edge of the acceleration of our ability to minister to more families in need. It feels like we can cross over into a space that more families can be helped.

2022 will bring:

  1. The distribution of more than 1.5million diapers to those in need,
  2. The growth of the World's Largest Diaper Drive to expand to a statewide event through diaper banks all over the state,
  3. Geographic growth from 12 counties in Ohio to 16 counties, and
  4. Improvement in all aspects of the operations at Bottoms Up, including better communications, expansion of recurring donors, and better training of volunteers, to name only a few initiatives.

There is no Plan B.

There can't be.

Too many people rely on Bottoms Up to make it through.

Too much is riding on our ability to become more agile, more productive, and more well-funded.

There are real people impacted.

There are just 5 days left to make a year-end gift that can jumpstart our year and allow us to be an enormous aid to the poor.

Will you give a year-end gift? Better yet, would you become one of our recurring contributors by setting up a monthly or quarterly gift? Just click the "contribute" button below

Thanks, as usual, for all your help. It means the world to the families served by Bottoms Up.

Jo Welsh
Bottoms Up Diaper Drive

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