Can You Hear It?

December 20, 2021

Cute happy 7 month baby girl in diaper lying and playing



Do you hear what she hears?

The anguished whimper of her baby girl whose diaper hasn't been changed all day. The fussiness of the little one as she drifts of to a tired sleep. The baby's crying as she wakes through the night, trying to find comfort with the diaper rash that never seems to go away.

Do you see what she sees?

The baby girl she holds who never quite smiles. The worried frown she she's in the mirror; the furrow in her own brow that doesn't go away.

Do you know what she knows?

The reality of poverty grips her every thought. How will she feed her baby? Where will she find her baby's next meal? Hers? Will this life ever improve?

At Bottoms Up, we don't hear what she hears, see what she sees, or know what she knows. But...

We can hear her plea for help...

We can see her struggle...

We can't know, fully, what she knows...

But, we know we need to help, in our own little way.

Please join us.

Just reply to this note to let me know how you'd like to help, or click HERE to make your contribution online. In any case, please come to the aid of the poor in this very simple way.

Jo Welsh
Bottoms Up Diaper Drive

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